Youth/Adult energy action

VEEP and NHEEP provide energy project support directly to youth, homeschool groups, and youth teams in grades 7-12 through a youth/adult partnership model. For those who want to explore options for energy projects and meet some of the specialists engaged in this work, a Virtual Youth Energy Fair will be offered in the fall. From here, we will work with you to refine your interests and project ideas into an action plan, figure out which specialists might be helpful for your project, and then get rolling into making your energy project happen. (There also might be options to get academic credit for your work if your school has personalized learning options or through a dual enrollment course for youth in grades 11th/12th)

Supports and resources include: 

  • Virtual Youth Energy Fair (November 12)
  • Energy project planning and coordination support (VEEP/NHEEP Staff)
  • Coordination w/ Energy Specialists/consultants
  • Grant application support
  • Mini-grants (available directly through VEEP/NHEEP)
  • Energy measurement equipment and training
  • Monthly/weekly support meetings during project execution
  • Coordination with other schools/groups working on similar projects
  • Project problem solving and systems navigation expertise
  • Ongoing project support available from year-to-year

Sample Potential Energy Project Areas:

  • Make changes to reduce the amount of energy that is used by schools or town/city buildings
  • Work with your town’s energy committee to make a plan for renewable energy in your town
  • Look at how and where people travel in your town and develop solutions to reduce the carbon emissions from that travel (change bus route to make more convenient, encourage carpooling, support electric vehicles by installing charging stations)
  • Educate your community about ways to reduce their energy use
  • Or any energy project you choose to make a difference in transportation, electricity or heating!

Check out the stories of recent projects.

Youth Energy Fair

Meet and consult with a variety of energy professionals at VEEP’s first virtual Youth Energy Fair on November 12th. This event is open for Middle and High School learners interested in discovering more about what different energy professionals do in their work, as well as have an opportunity to consult with them about an energy project you would like to embark on in your school or community.  We will run a morning and afternoon session so please indicate on your registration which you will attend. In your confirmation email you will receive a link to the online event as well as information about introductory videos to view beforehand. Register for the Energy Fair.

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